How to Get Recurring Donations Through
Stripe On A Charity Website

How to Get Recurring Donations Through Stripe On A Charity Website?

Imagine a website in which a visitor passionately takes an interest in a cause and gets ready to contribute. But, because of your complex donation system, he/she leaves the transaction in between and moves away. Due to this intricate donation system, 60% of potential donors abandon donations.

Therefore, let's discuss the options to secure donations from these 60% of donors and fill this gap to transform lives. We are making this whole process easy by providing a step-by-step guide starting from Lifeline Donation Pro. This article will guide you; on how to install a system of recurring donations powered by Stripe.

1. Why Stripe to get recurring donations on your charity website?

1. API Integration and Flexibility:

Stripe is one of those payment gateways that provide an easy integration system with vast customization options for donation flow. They offer a complete secure system without fraud and delay, not just the custom donation forms. 3

2. Subscription Management:

The best thing about Stripes is the recurring payment handling design. They can create stripe billing and auto-recurring donations. Moreover, the strip supports funding from 139 countries accurately.

3. Security and Compliance :

Security is the top concern for the strip company, donor, and recipient. Therefore, the stripe has a strong PCI-DSS system that provides the most secure services for sensitive information.

4. Automatic Failed Payment Handling :

The Additional feature of Stripe is to handle the failed payment system. Whenever any payment fails they employ the smart retry logic by sending them emails. They customize the emails and send them to provide complete instructions on updating and tackling the recurring donations.

Stripe also offers analytics and tools for insights into the dashboard. You can take access to all the donation patterns, recurring revenue, donor retention rates, and many more.

2. International Support

1. How do you accept donations through Stripe?

Now, the recurring donation process is as easy as getting payments locally. By integrating, Stripe into your website or social media channels you can get donations smoothly. Here are the following steps to boost your funds:

2. Make An Account On Stripe

First, sign up on the Stripe official website and create your account. Like other accounts, you must provide basic information including business name, email address, bank account information, and all personal details. After providing the whole details you have to complete the verification process. In the verification process, you may have to provide additional documentation and other financial details.

3. Buy Lifeline Donations Pro

The next step is to buy the Lifeline Donation Pro plugin that is specifically designed to handle worldwide donations on your website. This plugin consists of donation-saving features to manage donations and enhance donor engagement. Here are the best features of the Lifeline Donation Pro plugin:

3. Buy Stripe Payment Gateway Extension :

The Stripe payment gateway is the extension that helps you in growing business at a low cost and higher revenue. So, after buying the Lifeline Donation Pro plugin you need the payment gateway extension to integrate the payments from all over the world. The extension is necessary to process payments. Purchase this extension from the official website Stripe install the extension and get a secure and reliable payment option.

4. Link The Plugin with Your Stripe Account Through the API:

Once you have the Lifeline Donations Pro plugin and the Stripe Payment Gateway extension, now you can establish a connection between them within your website. To link the account you have to follow this simple method:

Step 1: Install Lifeline Donation Pro and Webinane Stripe Plugins:

Step 2: Configure Stripe Developer Account


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