5 Steps To Start A Website for a Nonprofit
Organization For Raising Online Funds(2024)

5 Steps To Start A Website for a Nonprofit Organization For Raising Online Funds(2024)

Don't let your good deeds ripple outward. Share your passion on a professional platform to inspire others to contribute. So, transform your local act of kindness into a global movement by building a professional nonprofit website. Yup, we understand building a charity website is a challenging task. To help you stay on track, we’ll teach you how to start the best nonprofit website to raise funds.

1. Choose a nonprofit Domain & Hosting:

The first step is to create your organization's online space by selecting a domain name & hosting.

1. Domain Name:

Domain name is like your address on the internet. It's the name people will type in to find your website (think "yournonprofit.org"). While selecting the domain name of your website consider the “.org” domain extension. This domain name is usually connected with the charity institute.

When choosing a domain name keep the best practice in mind. It should be easy to type and recall. The domain name should be the relevant keyword of your work, mission, website, or organization. This is a pro tip that also checks the availability of email addresses and domain names on the social media platform.

2. Website Hosting:

Now the next step is to purchase the hosting for your website. A hosting service stores all your website's files and makes them accessible online. All of your website files, text, images, videos, codes, and every other document are stored on the server. Therefore it should be reliable, secure and provide a fast loading speed for online users 24/7. So, while selecting it keep in mind the security of your website of visitors, scalability, responsive customer support, and reliability for a lifetime at a reasonable price.

2. Nonprofit templates:

The next step in making the best nonprofit organization website is choosing the nonprofit templates. Why we don’t recommend building a website from scratch because it requires a long time, investment, and coding knowledge. Therefore, we suggest using a pre-designed templates for your website. These pre-designed templates are built by professionals with deep research and years of experience. They thoroughly plan the templates according to the needs of nonprofits, churches, religions, and NGOs. Lifeline , Lifeline 2 , Deeds , and Deeds 2. are the themes that I found the best professional-looking themes at affordable prices. All themes have specific built-in features like:

Along with these features, pre-designed templates are better options for religious institutes. It is a win-win situation for nonprofit organizations because they can save precious resources and time without doing any hard work.

3. Donation Plugin:

One more element in nonprofit organization websites is the donation plugins. You must be thinking, why should you include these donation plugins when you have a traditional banking channel? The answer is donation plugins are the most necessary tool for raising funds. As it provides a proper system for supporters to donate with a few clicks.

Not only that these plugins provide the facility to reach donors beyond geographical borders. There we provide the Lifeline Donation Pro. which is an international fundraising plugin. It excels in facilitating recurring donations to support your mosque, church, charity, NGO, or any other nonprofit organization. Moreover, this plugin empowers recurring donations, multiple payment methods for donor flexibility, and even donation management tools to keep things organized with secure payment options.

4. Payment Gateway:

The payment gateways are the secure brides that simplify the donations of supporters worldwide. With the payment gateway integration in your system, you make the donation system easy for the donors. He/she does not have to go through the detailed process of transferring donations globally. As Lifeline Donation Pro Plugin is compatible with the 24 payment gateways. By through any nonprofit organization can raise funds in any country across the globe. These gateways are:

Rest assured, With so many options, choose the gateway that best suits your supporters and reach. So, now remove the geographical barriers with the Lifeline Donations Pro plugin and its gateways to connect with a global donor for fundraising forward.


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