There are many non-governmental organization (NGO) and underprivileged children charity organization operating across the world with the objective of facilitating children break away from the cycle of poverty, bringing them a brighter future through education, health care and training, also the disaster charities specialized in helping those who suffer from tsunamis, earthquakes, or floods, recover their illness and repair the damages.

We WordPress lovers want to contribute donating to the world disasters and grief, too. That’s why we invite you to get involve in helping people and nature. You don’t have to spend too much in complicated ways.

WPcharity is a Tokokoo‘s network that is specifically built for charity purpose where you can donate your money easily. All you have to do is purchasing our themes. Each theme costs $5 only and you will donate 25% of it for social aim, right after purchasing.

What if you would like to donate more? We have a special room for that where you can donate any amounts you want. We will only take 5% of yours for financial management and distribution of the donation–then we will get the rest of it donated.

As part of the world society, here you also get your chance to post about new disasters that are happening anywhere in this world so people who come to this site will get the idea and care about what’s going on. And our roles for help is not restricted for disasters; you may want to donate those poor families, refugees, the lack of education in conflicted areas, war victims, animals dying because of global warming… you name it. They need our help, immediately.

Conclusion: WPcharity exists for we care about people, about the world we live in, about what’s going on outside our safe zone. We also want to help you help them in such an easy way. All the donations will be published in this site.


Anggi Krisna and Moch. Zamroni

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