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Used and loved by tens of thousands of businesses, web developers, theme authors and ordinary users, Slider Revolution is a premium slideshow creation tool and it is very powerful in functionality and extremely easy & flexible wp plugin. It is also available in a less expensive HTML version for the modern web template builders. With this all-purpose slideshow displaying solution, you can show almost any kind of content over the animated slides in a highly attractive way, including videos, images, text, tags, buttons, links and thumbnails. Owing to its mind-blowing functionalities and features, over three thousands users have given it 5-star rating! Regular updates and efficient customer support by the developers are also highly appreciable, whereupon bugs are removed and new innovative additions are made. In brief, this dynamic plugin has brought true revolution in the field of web development by creating new possibilities for content showcasing over the web.

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Distinguishing Features of Revolution Slider:

Concerning the innovative and top quality features in Slider Revolution that set it apart, these are countless! The deeper you explore the product, the more you find to marvel at. Loop animations, parallax layers, superb backend functionality and style, enjoyable visual editing with timeline view, powerful import/export tools, super awesome transition effects, complete responsiveness and latest SEO support are only a few of the features worth mentioning. Let’s have a deeper look at the distinctive qualities packed in your favorite slider WordPress plugin.

  • Visual Drag & Drop Editor with Timeline View:

    It is easy to understand that novice users would prefer using a slideshow building tool to create slides as they do not have knowledge of coding. But why should an expert and professional developer be looking for such a plugin? Simply, it is because they want to easily build a superb slideshow in the shortest possible time. Revolution Slider does much more than this—it makes you enjoy the activity therefore it is the best slider wp plugin todate. The Visual Editor with the features of drag & drop and brand-new Timeline View is indeed a pleasure to work with.

  • Transitions and Loop Animations:

    While building sliders, you can embellish various content elements with fascinating transition effects and wonderful animation, thus blowing life and spirit into lifeless junk.

  • Slides with Multiple Layers:

    The display of content items in different layers adds to the charm of the view. So, just spare a few moments to create multilayered slides with each layer having its own animations and transition effects.

  • Complete Responsiveness and Super Flexibility:

    Owing to its completely responsive layout, the slider will undergo auto adjustment as the users switch from the large display of their desktop PC to the small screen of a smartphone. On the other hand, the high level of flexibility is also of great advantage for the developers, as they can quickly customize and shape it anyway they like.

  • Full-Width and Full-Screen Support:

    To make the slideshow look most impressive, the developers like to stretch it across the full width of the web page. Not just this, the revolutionary slider plugin for WordPress lets you get a brilliant full screen display for your slides.

  • Various Post Types:

    It is not just images and text that you can display on the slider, there is also possibility to feature videos, tags, buttons, links, icons, parallax effects, navigation thumbs and any other type of content that you might be having at your disposal.

  • Multilanguage and Multisite Compatibility:

    The primary goal of the website owners is to reach and serve maximum number of people round the world. This is possible only if the web content can be displayed in multiple languages. Through WMPL integration, the innovative Revolution Slider comes with support for multiple languages, so that the speakers of languages other than English would be able to switch to the language of their choice with a click. The multisite compatibility allows it to be used on any kind of WordPress based theme for any kind of site.

  • Dozens of Slide Navigation Options:

    Switching from one slide to another can be done with the help of bullets, buttons and thumbnail navigations. The same can also be done through touch as the slider supports touch gestures. If you set timer for auto sliding, there is also option to make it stop with hover. In case, the navigation options are to be hidden on mobile, touch-enabled devices, an option is there to do so. Above all, the users can navigate through keys on keyboard.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    After creating an extremely beautiful and impressive slideshow, it would be your utmost effort to make it readable for the search engines, so that it will be accessible to maximum number of internet users. You need not take pains as the product already stands search engine optimized. One of the SEO features is the provision of Custom Image Alt Tag.

  • Video Embedding from YouTube/Vimeo + Self-hosted Videos:

    For video featuring, over the slider, you have two options and can utilize either or both of these. Firstly, it supports self-hosted HTML5 videos. But, if you don’t have enough space on your server, there is provision for embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo for which you can also have full screen display.

  • Regular Updates:

    To keep the appeal of any software product fresh and alive in the minds of the users, it is necessary to launch its updates after regular intervals. Through the new versions, not only bugs are removed but also new powerful and innovative additions are made. The elite author of the Slider Revolution is mindful of this fact. It is through these updates that tons of new powerful functionalities have been added to the product, making it many folds better than before!

  • 5-Star Rated Customer Support:

    More than three and a half thousand five-star rated customer reviews testify the great satisfaction level and confidence of the users on the product. A team of professionally polished and dedicated workers remains at the disposal of the users.

Slider Revolution versus Layer Slider:

Slider Revolution Vs Layer & RoyalSlider
Revolution Slider is not the only tool for slideshow creation in the market—it has a staunch rival in the form of Layer Slider. Though launched earlier and a bit less expensive, LayerSlider could earn only half the number of sales and remains less popular among the users. Similarly, the customer ratings are also a bit lower as compared with Slider Revolution. Looking at the features, both go hand in hand with minor ups and down at certain points. So, it is perhaps the power and brilliance of functionalities that makes Revolution Slider enjoy superiority over its counterpart.

Concluding Word:

Slider Revolution is the best selling slideshow builder WordPress plugin with LayerSlider and RoyalSlider coming at second and third positions, respectively, with respect to their sales volume and level of popularity. Here you find every single thing to make your slideshow extra powerful and exceptionally beautiful. The visual drag & drop editor with Timeline View not only makes it easy to build slides but also enjoy the task. Various post types, fully responsive layout, full screen display, awesome transitions & loop animations, multilanguage support, video embedding, dozens of navigation options and touch support all make it a product of first choice for developer, theme authors and ordinary users alike. In short, this revolutionary plugin is worth every penny you pay for it, and makes your work a lot easier, more decent and pleasure-yielding.

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