How to Make a Blog?

How to Make a Blog?

Do you know how to make not just a blog, but a successful blog? Before thinking about anything else, rest assured that creating a blog does not require even a bit of technicality or knowledge of HTML coding—it is as simple as you can’t even imagine! Blog can be created, launched and managed either just for hobby or as a source of income. If the best and extremely easy-to-use web building tool is at your hand, like Personal premium WordPress theme, the perplexing job will become a child’s play. Still there are some other mandatory tasks to be performed, for example, choosing the domain name; checking and confirmation of the availability; getting it registered; and purchasing hosting. All this has to be done with due care and caution. Given blow is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure to create an outstanding blogging platform and make it live on the web:

Choose the Domain Name—Catchy, Unique & Easy to Remember:

Though simply a unique domain name will do the job, but it may not necessarily do a perfect job. So, to make your blog an amazing success, you have to choose a name that is not only catchy and easy-to-remember but also serves to define the type of your project and gives an exact clue about the nature of contents published therein. It oft happens that people like a website and wish to visit it again but they are unable to do so as domain name just slips out of their mind. That is why an easy name may significantly contribute to the popularity and subsequent success of your project. So far as uniqueness is concerned, it is the primary condition as no two or more than two websites can have a similar name. For example, if you are going to build a blog on fashion, you can name it as,, and the like. Also make sure that the name should not be very long, as for example, does not sound good.

Confirm Availability—Register at the Earliest:

As uniqueness of a domain name is the primary condition, you have to confirm the availability of your chosen name by searching it at the platform of some web hosting company, for instance,,, and If you are fortunate enough to find it available on the first attempt, the registration should not be delayed in any case as someone else is likely to take up the same and register it with their own name. For this end, you will have to contact the domain registering company that offers quick, reliable and efficient services as mentioned above.

Buy Hosting Server Space:

To make your project live on the web, it is mandatory to purchase sufficient hosting space on some server. The more the data storage limit reserved for your site on the server, the easier it will be for the search engines to track the data and bring it on the top of the ‘search results’ page. It is also important to mention that there are different types of hosting, primarily categorized as free hosting and paid hosting. Free hosting is recommended for those who are going to build the blog just as a hobby and do not intend to earn through it. If earning is the major goal, the paid hosting type will cater to your needs best.

Look for the Best Blogging Tool:

Undoubtedly, though coming after many steps, it is the most important step and will significantly influence the future course and ultimate outcome of your project. If after extensive research, you purchase the best premium WordPress blog theme, it will also make the task of website building much easier and enjoyable one. The recommended theme for this purpose is Personal which has a number of unique and fully furnished pages reserved for the niche of online blogging. The real appeal lies in its ease of customization—even the newbies will feel at ease with it. Being premium theme, it is already search engine optimized as well as saves you a lot of amount on account of free provision of important WP plugins, including Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, WooCommerce, and so on. So, anyone buying it would be a lucky one.

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