The New Default Theme for WordPress Child Theme : Twenty Twelve

There is always default themes for WordPress in every year.

In 2010, WordPress had Twenty Ten as their default themes, and we support it. Then, in 2011, WordPress had their Twenty Eleven, the stylish, customizable, simple, and readable default themes which we catched it too.

WPCharity, start from 2010, have had make WordPress Child Themes, the themes support both Twenty Ten and also Twenty Eleven as our default themes. We have various Free Themes dan Premium Themes support with Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven default themes. Take your tour looking on our themes.

Good news for us, there will be coming soon, next year’s default theme for WordPress Child Theme. Yes, the Twenty Twelve WordPress Child Theme.

It is the project for WordPress 3.4. The team said that the theme will be kind different from before, generally palatable, and more.

WPCharity, as a WordPress lover, we always keep our eyes on the moves of default themes and adapting ourselves with newest changes on them. Now, with so much pleasure, we welcome the Twenty Twelve default themes and ready to make some moves with more great themes to go.

So, prepare yourself for the new fabulous attack on next new year. The Twenty Twelve Default Themes and another gorgeous themes supported will come soon! 😉

You can also simply check the update news about the Default Themes : Twenty Twelve.

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