Donation for Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami with JRCS

Japanese Red Cross Society

Japanese Red Cross Society, founded on 1 May 1887 by Count Tsunetami Sano, as the Philanthropic Society, during the battles of the Southwestern Rebellion. Within the same year The Philanthropic Society changed its name to the Japanese Red Cross Society and was recognized as such by the International Committee of the Red Cross on 2 September 1887.

The society currently has almost 12 million members (individual and corporate), according to their 2008 data. The board of presidents is members or the Royal Family. As set out in the Japanese Red Cross Law, the Society is organized by its own members. Any individual can become a member by paying an annual membership fee of 500 yen or more. Corporations can also become members.

The JRCS has a total of nearly 55,000 paid staff members working in its headquarters, chapters, hospitals, blood centres, social welfare institutions, and nursing colleges, junior colleges and schools.

JRCS Activities

Responding to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 that happened on March, 11, WPCharity works together with Japanese Red Cross Society to distribute donations we received from themes purchased and direct donation.

They will assist to distribute your donation directly to areas in distress and will do everything in their power to make sure that no matter how much or how little we give, can go to people in need and help to make their life much better.