WordCamp Indonesia is to Use Merapi as Their Web Theme

wordcamp indonesia 2011

WordCamp Indonesia 2011 has decided to replace their official site’s theme on http://wordcampindonesia.com with this brand new theme Merapi, a WordPress’ Twenty Ten based child theme developed by WPCharity that is supposed to be aiming for charity.

WPCharity is a Tokokoo network whose slogan is to help people that got in disasters around the world by selling high quality WordPress themes for just $1 while they will donate 25% of it to victims of world disasters.

Such noble intention is what drives them into replacing their current theme into what they think is our best one while at the same time they are also supporting our campaign: “We WordPress lovers want to contribute donating to the world disasters and grief, too. That’s why we invite you to get involve in helping people and nature.” They like the simplicity and grayish sense this theme offers, it really fits and completes their purposes.

By the time you register in WordCamp Indonesia 2011, http://wordcampindonesia.com/registration/, the fee that you pay will automatically be donated $1 for social concern. Imagine the double combo you’re going to get: attending a world class event at a beautiful fresh breeze land, and you help people in grief as well without having to going anywhere else.

Just like what we one time stated: “we care about people, about the world we live in, about what’s going on outside our safe zone. We also want to help you help them in such an easy way.”

All the donations will be managed by us, WPCharity, and your name will be published on this site. Join them on WordCamp Indonesia 2011 and help others.

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