FREE WordPress Theme: Sepeda

Sepeda is 5th Free WordPress Theme from WPCharity, Another unique, clean and simple WordPress Theme, still using Sandbox as framework, this theme support custom header. Three Column with one mainbar and two right sidebar. just enjoy this theme, look at good font



  1. Supports WordPress 3.0
  2. Simple, clean and light
  3. Custom header (yes, this is the first theme we use custom header :D)
  4. Threaded comment
  5. Easy to read text in the content
  6. Two-column sidebar
  7. One widget in one sidebar
  8. Using Yanone Kaffeesatz font from Google font API for title
  9. Using Molengo font from Google font API for default
  10. Drop-down menu (page) on header
  11. Different style for admin on comment posts
  12. Optional image content using border (default) or none (using class=”noborder”)
  13. Based on Sandbox theme

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Simply enter your email address and the download link will be sent right to your inbox.

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  • riandendi

    permitted to download :)

  • aleydoank

    i love this themes, thanks. :)


  • azwar

    izin nyedot……… 😀

    makaseh sharingnya…….. 😀

  • velociti

    Hi, Is there way for me to edit (eg: Add widgets or custom itmes) the contents of the 2nd (right most) sidebar? Currently it defaults to displaying the search box, meta-links and the blog-roll. Adding widgets to the sidebar#2 in “Widgets” page has no effect. I’m currently using WP 3.1.2, please advice.

  • oviliz


  • none

    There is a problem with this theme.

    It shows two widget placements for ‘Sidebar 1′.

    When you place items in both or either they do not show, or work irregularly.

    As per the two posts above.

    Is there a way to fix this? It is a great theme but at present it is inconsistent and uncontrollable.

    Thank you.

  • none

    Actually, it works very irregularly and strange.

    When you have NO widgets in Sidebar 2, it shows only Search

    When you add any others, it shows Search, Links and Meta … NOT the ones you want.

    Please release a bug fix for this.


  • none

    Weird …

    I can get some functionality by replacing



    But if I use that … then I cannot use the Search Widget in the 2nd column AND it still shows two Sidebar ones!?!