FREE WordPress Theme: Pertamax

Pertamax is 1st Free WordPress Theme from us, This theme was created basic on Sandbox framework. We want make simple and popular theme, Using white as main color and soft blue as link and accessories. Two Colunm with only one sidebar and one mainbar. About header, you can change it with manual replace image on wp-content/themes/pertamax/img/header.jpg



  1. Simple and light
  2. Easy to read text on the content
  3. Only one column sidebar
  4. Two widgets in one sidebar
  5. Using Lobster Family font from Google font API
  6. Using header. If you want to replace the default header, at wp-content/themes/pertamax/img/header.jpg
  7. Drop-down menu (page) on header
  8. Different style for admin on comment posts
  9. Optional image content using border (default) or none (using class=”noborder”)
  10. Based on Sandbox theme

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